A note from James' webmaster:

James has begun keeping an online journal, located at There, you will find information about his upcoming releases, details about the World of Obsidian, worldbuilding notes, and other interesting scraps and fragments. He hopes to see you there.


Thank you to all who have let me know you've enjoyed The Phoenix Unchained, book one of the Enduring Flame Trilogy. My publishers assure me that book two, The Phoenix Endangered, will be released in September of 2008.

The Phoenix Endangered may be pre-ordered at your local independent bookstore, or via The Phoenix Endangered at I thank you for your interest, and hope you will enjoy reading the further adventures of Harrier and Tiercel -- and, of course, the trouble they find themselves in.


Happy New Year to All

A very Happy New Year to all my readers, and I am pleased to provide an appropriate present. To Light A Candle, book two of the Obsidian Mountain trilogy, ran near 300,000 words in first draft; while most of the subsequent edits were piece-by-piece, I did manage to locate a full cut scene, which I have provided here for those who are interested in such matters. The unicorn picnic is now available in the Web Extras.

In other news, and thanks to the generosity of my publishers, Tor Books, we have received permission to supply an electronic copy of The Outstretched Shadow, book one of the Obsidian Mountain trilogy, free of charge to members of the armed services. While my technical consultant is working on the final details, and therefore we are not yet prepared to send, more news should be forthcoming soon.

I wish you all a delightful 2008.


Welcome; Audiobook

As we approach the release of The Phoenix Unchained, scheduled for October 16, an associate's relentless attempts to convince me that it is time to enter the twenty-first century have finally borne fruit. To that end, I bid you welcome to my website, and hope that you find some material of interest.

Apart from the upcoming print release of the first book in the Enduring Flame trilogy, set a thousand years after the adventures chronicled in the Obsidian Mountain trilogy, I am also pleased to announce that Tantor Media is producing a full-length audiobook of The Phoenix Unchained as well, scheduled for a release date of 12/1/07.

The recording is available in both audio CD and mp3 audio CD versions. Both can be pre-ordered from

Since this is the first of the books set in the world of Obsidian Mountain to be recorded, I received a quietly concerned series of emails from the gentleman who would be bringing the story to life: just how were all these words and names pronounced?

Certainly after so many years spent chronicling the adventures of Kellen and his descendents, I can not only spell these words and names (did you know, for example, that 'Armethalieh' is an old Elven place-name?) I can pronounce most of them easily -- a somewhat different matter than spending an hour on the telephone explaining to someone just how to pronounce place-names that have only come into use since the Great Separation.

Lest my work go to vain, I have provided a guide to pronunciation, supplied in the Web Extras area of the site. With luck, this offering will be supplanted with others in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, I hope that you will enjoy The Phoenix Unchained, and find Harrier and Tiercel to be companions as delightful as I have found them.